it’s hot

by Dressing On The Side on July 10, 2012

Hope everyone is enjoying bitcoin trading south africa their sum,sum, summertime. If you’ve spent any of  it outside you most likely have noticed…it’s hot.  We love this shirt for it’s sentiment. Most likely this is how you might feel after a day playing in the sun. Or; it could be fun to wear when you’re celebrating. A vacation, a birthday….a toast to you and yours! We also like it for the back to basics. Life isn’t always a piece of cake. Let’s live simply; let’s think comfort; we can always have a piece of toast.



by Dressing On The Side on May 27, 2012

When we drop packages off at the post bitcoin trading app south africa office (yep; we do this all by hand–no pick ups for us!) the postman behind the counter has become familiar with what we do and always says “hey there cupcake!” So; this one is for all the “cupcakes” out there. The girls that get things done. The ladies who enjoy what they do with a smile on their face. One of our tees says that “cupcakes are in the middle of all happy memories” so here’s to that–be happy or make someone happy when you wear this. Baseball style and short sleeve in the shop now.

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slow down

by Dressing On The Side on May 22, 2012

sometimes life seems to be zooming bitcoin traders in south africa by at a record fast pace. get this done. don’t forget that. take a moment. take a breath. relax.


all hail the queen

by Dressing On The Side on May 4, 2012

it’s become a yearly tradition for us: CUPCAKE QUEEN. In summer colors and in very limited quantities. Get yours in the shop now.


Earth Day inspiration

by Dressing On The Side on April 15, 2012

Fashion 411: cobalt blue is the “it” color of spring/summer. But what should we screenprint on fashion’s favorite hue t-shirt? We thought about classic white and bounced around other choices but when we started seeing PR for Earth Day on Sunday, April 22 …inspiration struck! Save the earth and enjoy your favorite cupcake…everyday!



by Dressing On The Side on April 6, 2012

We met Emily through a friend of ours that has a resale shop in town and asked if she wouldn’t mind having a few pics taken in our shirts. She slipped them on and we realized that she had that *it* factor that makes a great shot. Thanks so much Emily for making it easy and best of luck in your future!


Do You?

by Dressing On The Side on March 28, 2012


Breakfast for dinner? Why not?! There are some days that nothing will fill your belly better than a big ole stack of blueberry pancakes…and if it’s 7:00 at night…why not?


hot pink

by Dressing On The Side on March 8, 2012

Ready for Spring? We’ve got the classic white v-neck with hot pink CAKE ready to enjoy in the shop. These are “boyfriend” style so check sizes–they run large.


It’s the LOVE month

by Dressing On The Side on February 6, 2012

Thanks to everyone who will be celebrating Valentines Day wearing their “red velvet” LOVE shirt. It was such a success and we’ll plan on some other delicious LOVE as other holidays come around. Keep your eyes peeled for a colorblock LOVE that was inspired by this shot…we think you’re going to LOVE it xo


let them wear cake!

by Dressing On The Side on January 26, 2012

One of our newest tees in the shop. Goes with everything and ready for you.